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Version: testnet (v0.67)


There are three main components to the Vega <-> Ethereum bridge

Staking bridge

NameAddressEthereum network
Staking bridge0xFFb0A0d4806502ceF491aF1141f66669A1Bd0D03 🔍sepolia

Allows users to stake locked or unlocked Vega tokens.

For an introduction to staking on Vega, check out our Concepts section or for a higher level overview see this blog post.

ERC20 asset bridge

NameAddressEthereum network
ERC20 Bridge0x7fe27d970bc8Afc3B11Cc8d9737bfB66B1efd799 🔍sepolia

Used for depositing ERC-20 tokens in to a Vega network.

To read more about how the bridge works, see this blog post. If you're looking for a way to deposit tokens from Sepolia on to the Fairground testnet, head over to Fairground Console.

Multisig Control

Used to control the ownership of bridge contracts, allowing the validators of a Vega network to control which assets can be used with the bridge, and approve asset withdrawals.