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Version: testnet (v0.67)

Migration guide

To upgrade your validator node to version 0.67, follow the steps below.

1. Study the changes between versions

Before upgrading your node software from version 0.53 to 0.67, read the upgrading file in the Vega repo for a full list of the changes between the two versions, and review the breaking API changes.

The release notes have a list of breaking API changes for each version from 0.54 onwards.

The upgrading readme ↗ has details on major updates including:

2. Update your configuration

Use the configuration changes list ↗ in the upgrading file to update your configuration before upgrading your node.

3. Review genesis file updates

The project team will raise a PR in the networks repo ↗ to update the genesis file to include new network parameters required for 0.67.3 and the start of trading. Once this is done, someone from the team will let you know, and you'll need to review this PR.

4. Set up Visor for protocol upgrades

It's strongly recommended that you set up Visor for automatic protocol upgrades. Visor enables you to upgrade to future versions without needing to coordinate with all validators. If you have Visor enabled, a validator can propose a block for an upgrade, your node can agree to that proposal, and the upgrade will happen at the pre-determined block height without intervention.

You'll need to set up the Visor config to support your node's requirements.

If you have questions about Visor, or would like to suggest enhancements, please raise them in the Validators Discord channel, or as issues on the Vega repo ↗.

5. Restart network

Follow the instructions on restarting the network using a checkpoint.