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Version: testnet (v0.67)


Take a look at the tutorials for help with using Vega's APIs.

Integrating with tokens and assets

Staking tokensUsing the Vega Wallet and smart contracts to stake unlocked tokens
Transferring assetsTransferring assets to fund rewards and between public keys

Governance proposals

Propose a change to network parametersHow to propose a change to the value of a network parameter.
Propose a new marketHow to propose a new market.
Propose a change to a marketHow to propose an update to market parameters.
Propose a new assetHow to propose a new asset.
Update the asset bridgeHow to add the asset to the bridge after proposing it.
Propose a change to an assetHow to propose an update to an asset.
Create a freeform proposalHow to create a freeform proposal.

Interacting with markets

Commit liquiditySubmitting and amending a liquidity commitment by saving and editing scripts
Use market dataHow data sources for markets are sourced, shaped and submitted