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Version: testnet (v0.64)

Vega Wallet

A Vega Wallet is essential for interacting with Vega, whether it's for staking or trading. The Vega Wallet apps allow you to manage wallets and key pairs, deposit and withdraw assets, stake and sign transactions.

You can interact with a Vega wallet and its keys through two different apps:

Vega Wallet desktop app

The desktop wallet provides a visual interface to:

  • Connect to existing Vega wallet
  • Create new wallet
  • Connect to networks
  • Sign transactions
  • Run and connect to Vega apps, such as the token dApp

Vega Wallet CLI app

Use the command line app to do everything you can do with the desktop app, plus:

  • Customise key details
  • Isolate keys
  • Build and send commands

What is a wallet?

Wallet concepts: Read about how the Vega Wallet works and what the terms like 'wallet name' and 'recovery phrase' mean.